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Tin is a silvery blue-white metal in the plated condition. Tin can be applied on a variety of substrates. Tin plating is normally applied to a part to give it better solderiabilty properties.  Because tin is non-toxic, it has also been a popular choice in the food handling and processing industry. Tin is, however, a soft material which exhibits limited wear resistance during continuous use. And even though it does not tarnish easily, it does have a tendency to discolor or tarnish with age. Tin is not good for low temperature applications, it changes structure and loses adhesion when exposed to temperatures below 40 C.
Specification Comments
  Type I Electrodeposited. Use ASTM-B-545 as guideline.
  .0001-.00025"   Flash for soldering
  .0002-.0004"     To prevent galling and seizing
  .0003"                Where corrosion resistance is important
  .0002-.0006"     To prevent formation of case during nitriding.