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Gold Plating is a yellow to orange color depending on the proprietary processed used. Its appearance will range from matte to bright finish depending on the basis metal and the process used. Gold has good corrosion resistance and a high tarnish resistance. It also has low contact resistance, and is a good conductor.  Gold also has excellent solderiabilty characteristics. Gold plating is used primarily in the electronic field, but also has applications in other commercial areas, for both functional and decorative applications.

TPP now offers both the bright (hard) gold, and the Soft (matte) gold.

Specification Comments
MIL-G-45204 C  
Type I 99.7% gold min.
Type II 99.0% gold min.
Type III 99.9% gold min.
  Class 00 0.00002" min.            Grade A = 90 Knoop max
  Class 0 0.00003" min             Grade B = 91-129 Knoop
  Class 1 0.00005" min.            Grade C = 130-200 Knoop
  Class 2 0.00010" min.            Grade D = above 200 knoop
  Class 3 0.00020" min.
  Class 4 0.00030" min.
  Class 5 0.00050" min.
  Class 6 0.00150" min.