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Electroless Nickel


Electroless nickel is chemically deposited, making the coating exceptionally uniform in thickness. Electroless  nickel coating provides a hard, uniform, corrosion-, abrasion- and wear resistant surface to protect machine components in many industrial environments. Similar to stainless steel in color. It plates uniformly in recesses and cavities, and does not build up on edges. Electroless nickel is used extensively in salvage of mis-machined parts.

The coating's outstanding corrosion resistance leaves it virtually unaffected by petroleum products, alkalis, weak acids and many other organic liquids. Its non toxic nature has made it especially suitable for food handling equipment where both corrosion and wear resistance are required.

Specification Comments
MIL-C-26074 E .
Class 1 .As coated.
Class 2 .Steel and other base metals heat treatable to improve hardness.         (Not performed at TPP)
Class 3 .Aluminum and other base metals not heat treatable.
Class 4 .Aluminum alloy, heat treatable, processed to improve adhesion of the nickel deposit.
Grade A 0.0010" min.
Grade B 0.0005" min.
Grade C 0.0015" min.
.Typically:    Aluminum alloys are Grade A,     
                  Cu, Ni, Co alloys are Grade B     
                  Ferrous alloys are Grade C