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Anodize Chromic

Chromic anodizing is an electro-chemical process of converting the surface of aluminum to a very thin coating of aluminum oxide. The thickness of the coatings range from .0002 to .0003 inches, and are used primarily in aerospace and electronics industries because it is an excellent base for paint and does not leave corrosive residues if trapped in seams, welds etc.. Because of the thin coat it will scratch very easily. Its color will vary from light to dark gray and slightly iridescent depending on the alloy. It is not as readily dyed as Sulfuric Anodize.
Specification Comments
MIL-A-8625F .00002 - .0003
Type I Conventional coating produced from chromic acid bath
Type IB Low voltage chromic acid anodizing 22V
  Class 1 Non-dyed
  Class 2 Dyed